About Us

Default Club was born from the fear of death, the passage of time and uncertainty, among others. What a priori seems to be something negative serves to understand that almost nothing is as important as it seems, so there is no point in being paralyzed by those fears.

Realizing this, that nothing is as important as it seems, serves as a premise to play with everything, transforming those dark thoughts into a positive message, usually through irony and humor. This playful vision is reflected in the use of paintings, artworks and popular culture references as subjects with which to experiment.

This vision results in Boney, the brand's skeleton mascot. First used on the famous "rave in the grave" design as the main character of a Danse Macabre painting, Boney serves as a reminder that we are all going to die, so we should have fun while we can.

Default Club was founded in 2017 by Jon Hidalgo in Madrid, Spain.